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The Minnesota Open Records Law allows all citizens to request public records held by the government. Citizens are entitled to have the information they requested explained to them if they do not comprehend it. This is a template for requesting public records in Minnesota in association with the Minnesota Open Records Law.

Name of State Act:

Open Records Law

  • Exemptions:

    Juvenile court records, certain personnel information

  • Response Time:


  • Restrictions


Frequently Asked Questions about

Minnesota Open Records Law Request Form

We have curated some of the most commonly asked questions for you.

Can I access all data?

You will be notified either by telephone or in writing of any data that you cannot legally access. In such cases, we will specify what was withheld and what statutory or legal authority prevents us from disclosing that data to you. You have the right to seek access to data that is not public, if by: Informed consent. You may access private data on another person if that person gives us their written permission to disclose the data to you. In the case where the subject of the data is a minor, the minor's legal guardian must give (sign) the informed consent. We have a form ideally suited for this purpose that is specifically designed to comply with the Informed Consent Requirements of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. Consent signatures may require certification by a notary or the submission of identification to adequately prove that the signature is actually that of the data subject. This requirement is to protect the privacy rights of the subject of the data. Court order. You may access any data that is not public if a court of law orders us to allow you access to that data. A subpoena is not acceptable for this purpose. For more information regarding access to data that is not public, consult Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 13, Section 13.03, and subdivision 6. The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The FOIA does not apply to data requests made to state or local governments. It only applies to requests for data made to the federal government or agencies. All requests for federal government data should be made to the appropriate federal agency. You can find these agencies listed under "Federal Government" in the white pages of the telephone directory. The provisions of the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act govern all requests for state or local government data in Minnesota.

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